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Now you can flop like Lebron James himself and win yourself an NBA Championship.There are plenty of squeaky shoes, bricking backboards and touchy rims to please any player.For those of you that may or may not know, Virtual Currency is still on sale on the XBOX 360.

Also if you played a lot in the last two years, you will see that the focus of classic teams is going away very quickly.Choose the right position, spend skill points wisely and be drafted.The career mode in NBA 2K13 allows various vital statistics to be customized.I did notice that it is a lot easier to play the offensive side of the ball this time around.For the record, the easy mode in the game is now ridiculously easy unless playing with really poor players.How to become the best player in NBA 2K13 career mode with tips to earn easy virtual coins.

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The achievements this year are not as similar as 2k12 was to 2k11 (which was pretty close to a mirror image) but there are still plenty of repeated achievements.Say, you played an exhibition game and then switched over to MyCareer, the volume levels will not keep unless you go in and change it for every mode which is highly annoying.Unfortunately, there is no voice command for you to yell at the coach and tell him to play you more than 5 minutes a game.NBA 2K13 also introduces Virtual Currency for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, which can be used in-game to purchase Player upgrades in MyCAREER.The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, achievements, and secrets for NBA 2K13 for Xbox 360.

This mode goes beyond how you present yourself, though getting to pick your outfits for press conferences and court appearances is pretty cool, especially if you have a particular style in mind.

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NBA 2K13 features the entire 1992 Dream Team, including the likes of Charles Barkley (making his appearance in a basketball game since the Sega Genesis days), Scottie Pippen, and, of course, Michael Jordan, a mainstay since he debuted in NBA 2K11 with his own career mode.NBA 2k13 is automatically the best NBA game you will play this season before you even flip on the game menu because no other outfit can get their act together long enough to produce a viable game.Playing everything from exhibition games to MyCareer to completing drills can earn you coinage.Thank you 2K and Charles for giving me that back of my childhood.

The only place where it is still truly frustrating is in the MyCareer option but that has more to do building up a rhythm.

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However, since all of these modes as well as online seem to communicate with an online server anytime you earn virtual currency, I am concerned that once the new season starts up, 2K will shut it off and leave us with a mostly dead game.

With this coinage you will be able to purchase things in the MyPlayer, MyCareer and MyTeam modes.Beef up your NBA 2K13 career with Facebook and mobile apps (preview). you can accept virtual currency (VC) — used throughout NBA 2K13 to buy. match in NBA.Let us go forth and play this hardwood smash of putting the ball into the ole peach basket.

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MyTeam mode is also brand new and way different from other things I have seen in the NBA 2K Series.In MyCareer mode, you can even be a little bit of a hardass and tell them to pass the ball to you or set a screen so you can score.All things considered, this is a great basketball game and for those who like to play, I do recommend it.Difficulty in this game really depends on how good you are with the modern day controls.In addition, these dribbling skills in particular will eat up your energy (assuming you are playing with fatigue turned on).

Since, I could never get into Madden except once every 5-10 years, I naturally chose basketball.

There are really only two gimme achievements this year in creating a 2K Beats playlist and a custom shoe.Your ears will bleed less and you will earn an easy achievement.

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One can also be a bit evil and ask to speak with the GM where you can argue things such as playing time to even telling the GM that he should fire the coach.

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I have read reports that 2K shut off their 2K12 servers as soon as they headed into this new game, so there is certainly sufficient cause for concern.Already the undisputed king of the video-game hardwood, developer Visual...